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Guys... this Revamp is seriously *chefs kiss*.

As many of you know, Mallory and I launched our online boutique in November of 2021. Going into the launch, we knew exactly what we wanted our look to be: brand colors, inventory and design wise. As time progressed, we lost sight of our original sense for the brand we wanted our boutique to represent. Mallory was busy with her full time job as a social worker and I was busy with being a full time college student at UVM. With less time to dedicate to the boutique, we felt rushed in staying in touch with our CCB family on social media and also felt rushed in buying new inventory. Without a solidified plan and time to execute, things started to run away from us.

BUT...heres when the REVAMP comes in... I graduate this month (May 2022 FINALLY... lol) and decided to dedicate all my time to the business. After discussing with Mal and designating our roles in the company, we agreed to revamp CCB. While we loved all the inventory we were selling... things weren't EXACTLY the way we wanted them to be. And with Mallory and I both being perfectionists, we wanted to do things the right way. So...we began the revamp.

The first step was to push our old inventory out (big sale!!) and bring new inventory in. Mallory and I spent days upon days looking at new pieces of inventory to be the face of our revamp. We wanted these pieces to define our personal styles, but establish classy and versatile pieces that our CCB family could use to recreate outfits or create new ones with the pieces we sell.

The words "classy" and "versatile" were passing through our minds as we decided on inventory, branding colors, a new logo design and much more. The past three weeks have been filled with discussion on every minuscule detail, texting back and forth, calling each other and meeting up regularly to make sure everything was perfect. From designing new hang tags and redoing the CCB office, to discussing numbers and going over every last detail for the revamp, we finally felt like the revamp was becoming everything we envisioned when we first thought about opening a boutique.

With this revamp, you will see that every piece of inventory, post, social media share, web page design and more, makes Charlotte Case unique in its own way. Everything down to the last detail was designed personally by Mallory and me and we poured our whole hearts, minds and energy into this revamp. We are SO excited to share with you the revamped Charlotte Case and we so hope you love every inch of it. Thank you for supporting our small Vermont Boutique. We love and appreciate our CCB fam insanely and can't wait to continue this journey with you all!

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